Where am I charged for my Print Anywhere usage?

Your UCard account will be charged after releasing a print, copy, or scan from a Print Anywhere device.

When logged in to UCard, Print Anywhere charges appear under the Finances tab. Charges of $25 or more are eligible for late fee assessment if they remain unpaid and age beyond 30 days past their due date. Please review UCard’s Late Fee Policy, for assessment details and past due account balance minimums.


Do I need to have my UCard to use Print Anywhere?
In order to print, copy, and scan you will need to log in to a printer using your Utah ID Card. If you do not have an UCard a Public Patron Card can be purchased from any of the 6 ATM locations on campus. Public Patron Cards are intended for campus visitors who do not have an UNID and an UCard account. To print with a Public Patron Card, use a Library Print Station, Reservation PC, or the Driver Download and enter your Public Patron card number into the popup.


Can I print from my personal laptop to Print Anywhere?
To print from your personal computer, follow the instructions on Driver Download to install the driver.


What are Print Anywhere devices and printers?
These are multifunctional devices with the ability to print, copy, and scan. They are strategically located on University of Utah campus to support the document needs of students, faculty, staff and visitors. Visit the about page map to find a device near you.


What should I do if my UCard is lost or stolen?
For lost or stolen UCards, contact UCard Services as soon as possible. For lost Print Anywhere Public Patron Cards, please contact UCard so that they we may freeze the card. Lost or stolen cards and associated funds are not the responsibility of the ASU-Canon Strategic Alliance Partnership.


How to install the Driver Download?
To install the Driver on to your personal computer select start menu, select control panel, select view devices and printers under Hardware and Sound, “add printer”. Next “Add a network, to a wireless or Bluetooth printer”, left click on The printer that I want isn’t listed. Click the radio button next to “Select a shared printer by name” (NOT the browse button), enter the following in the space provided: // Universal Printer Driver. In the username field, enter: ad.utah.edu/UnID and your UnID Password in the password field. Select Remember Credentials and then next. Select install driver and it will download the print driver for uniFlow. Print a test page and select finish. You should be able at this time to go up to any of the uniFlow equipped copiers and see your print in your queue. You can print and keep, print and delete or delete the print job.


How do I register and load money onto my UCard?
As a student you can register your card by clicking on the Student login, which will direct you to the UCard homepage. Click User Registration and follow the steps as follows. Fill out your information making sure to click register. After registering card, make sure to check your email, verify your address, and finish by clicking the homepage. To load money, go to UCard homepage, enter your username and password to sign in. Once logged on, go to accounts, click on UCash, Click +add money, finish by making your deposit.


If I am a guest how do I load money onto an UCard?
If you are a guest and need to put money on to a Ucard users UCard you can do so by, clicking on guest login, and click make guest deposit. Fill out the information and follow the steps. Last step is to click contributes.


Is there an app I can download for mobile friendly devices?
Yes, on the UCard website, http://www.ucard.utah.edu, if you click on Click here for eAccounts for iPhone/iPod/iPad, Click here for eAccounts for Android

Mobile eAccounts Users Guide, the links will direct you to the proper page for any specific device. Follow the steps and you are done.